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Circuit Board Assembly

Circuit Board Assembly Circuit Board Assembly

Circuit Board Assembly

Product ID: DIP Assembly

Nowadays, people heavily rely on high-tech products because they bring us super convenience. A wide range of devices include at least one circuit board, including mobile phones, computers, and digital watches. To generate a modern printed circuit board (PCB) for electronic devices such as cell phones and vehicle dashboard components, many types of circuit board assembly are needed. Printed circuit boards are a set of electrical connections made by thin lines of metal fixed onto a surface. Printed circuit board has several layers of circuit etch or pattern, one over the other, interconnected by electroplated holes. These holes can also receive component leads.  The PCBs are fabricated and designed by Fullgood, a leading company in Taiwan. With more than 10 years experience of circuit board assembly, we ensure that your design flows through the manufacturing process smoothly and efficiently.

In the assembly industry, we’re proud to say that Fullgood Electronic has the thorough service and reliable quality. This is because during the whole procedure of manufacturing and assembly, our factory carries out strict Q.C. continually. We can provide a wide variety of final finishes as well as our RoHS compliant HAL 'lead free' finishes. Thus, our circuit board assembly is with high quality. Furthermore, our factories in Taiwan and China both acquire ISO9001 certifications. We aim our major clients at the advanced countries in Europe, North America, and East Asia such as United States and Japan.

Before being released to a different part of a production line, boards must pass through rigorously testing to ensure each board works functionally. As to the technique, we also provide two kinds of techniques which are SMT assembly and DIP assembly so as to match the different requirements from customers. Moreover, we accept requests such as small amount request, turnkey request, and OEM request as well. Therefore, if you have any request of the circuit board assembly, please feel free to send your inquiry to us.


1. Small amount accepted
2. Turnkey accepted
3. OEM accepted

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